List do Przewodniczącego Donalda Tuska

To: Mr. Donald Tusk,

The President of the European Council

Subject: EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

Dear Mr. President,

We, the Members of the European Parliament, are expressing our deep respect to you and would like to request with the following issue.

Results of the Presidential elections in USA made changes in the world politics too. Donald Trump succeeded in dividing American society and wold’s leaders. His expressiveness gave him a victory, but killed the chances for mutual understanding in case, if his language, which he was using during his campaign, is not going to be changed. Because value of cooperation and social capacity building are key-conditions to tackle with the challenges of the world – democracy and respecting of human values.

We, the representatives of the 28 countries-members of the European Union, remain committed to our earlier decision on ratification of the Association Agreement and here we are expressive too.

We are not able to make Ukraine a subject of trading at this tangible political situation in the world, as it puts on the table not only the question of economic stability, but the question of security and safety.

On the 26-th of October, 2016, the Ukrainian World Congress asked the government and parliament of the Netherlands to complete the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

The Association Agreement proved to be a powerful and effective instrument for implementation of comprehensive reforms in Ukraine in accordance with the European standards, as well as road map, which enjoys full support of the majority of Ukrainians. The European values, placed into this Agreement, were protected by Ukrainian people during the Revolution of Dignity.

Ukraine has also completed the requirements for free visa regime with the European Union and we are happy to welcome the start of the inter-institutional negotiations on this issue, as the decision, accepted last week by the European Council.

This year’s consultative referendum in the Netherlands rejected ratification of the Agreement. However, as you are aware, with over two-thirds of the national population not taking part in the vote, a decision not to approve the ratification (based on 2.5 million votes) would be at odds with all other EU member states which represent a total population of over 500 million.

That is why we kindly ask you to conduct within diplomatically acceptable steps the negotiations with the government of the Netherlands regarding the ratification of the Association Agreement with Ukraine and possibly fasten positive decision for the visa-liberalization process for Ukraine.

It will send a strong message to the Russian Federation that its aggression will not be tolerated and that Ukraine is a key partner in a secure alliance.

We are sure, that combining our efforts and protecting this country from the invasion, both direct and mediated, we will reconfirm our unity and stability in commitments, thus reassure our ability to be strong and reliable partners on the political arena for any player.

We rely on your kind understanding and support in this situation and use this opportunity to express our deep respect to you one more time.

Sincerely yours,

Michał Boni, EPP

Mariya Gabriel EPP,

Jaromír Štětina, EPP

Petras Auštrevičius, ALDE

Danuta Hübner, EPP

Pavel Svoboda, EPP

Mark Demesmaeker, ECR

Tibor Szanyi, S&D

Marju Lauristin, S&D