Provided access to domestic subscription to online content services

The European Parliament adopted at first reading a report on the provision of cross-border content transfer services in the internal market.

– The increasing popularity of online content and mobile content services, including cross-border usage, means that Europeans are now expecting the use of online services from any Member State (the ability to cross-border online services).

– The lack or problems of cross-border transfer of Internet content services in the EU stem from the practice of licensing the rights holders and / or commercial practices of service providers. The proposed regulation regulates legal fiction to ensure that subscribers to online services in the portable domain can use these services while staying in another Member State and provide legal certainty for service providers.

Key achievements:
– Consumers will have access to national subscription to music, film or sports services while on a temporary stay in another Member State, such as during holidays, business trips or student stays.

– The proposed regulation allows internet service providers to access content within the European Union, which is provided handheld, using these services while temporarily staying in another Member State.

– Once transborder portability is available, online content providers will have to verify the country of residence of the subscriber in the EU. The Regulation establishes a limited list of authorized verification methods, including verification of electronic identification, payment details, or IP addresses. The regulation assumes that customers will have to be informed about the verification method and their personal data will be protected.

– The new system will come into effect 9 months after its publication in the EU Official Journal.