Flying Bag press conference

Today a conference “Flying Bag: Ukraine – Poland” on the occasion of the International Children’s Day took place at the European Parliament’s premises in Warsaw. I organized the event together with the Flying Bag.
The conference was honored with the Honorary Patronage of the Ombudsman for Children in Poland, Marek Michalak.

The adult world is governed by children. Children determine the direction of adult movement. Children redistribute family budgets and demand free resources. Children are the Solar System, in the middle of which there is a common holiday, dedication, moving and private parents. Children determine the direction and manner of being a family, business development, present and future of the state. The topic of creating a lightweight backpack and filling it with school supplies has joined many countries, attracted the attention of politicians, businessmen, mass media, parents and of course children. Who knows whose interest will be the topic of light levitating school backpacks or bags for young mums going with children from a shop or tourist backpack, content to be delivered to hard-to-reach places.

Founder of the movement «Flying Backpack» is a 10-year-old Kira Suhoboichenko. Kira was recognized as the winner of the children’s startup in Poland for the invention «Flying Backpack».