Dyskusja dt. pasma radiowego 700 MHz

Na dzisiejszym posiedzeniu komisji ITRE wymiana poglądów dt. pasma radiowego 700 MHz. Z ramienia komisji jestem sprawozdawcą i złożyłem poprawki do raportu.

Moje wystąpienie:

General remarks within tabled Amendments

– KEY: we need the fast work, decisions on 700 MHz, and as more harmonization as it is possible and practically – useful.

– It is important for future 5 G development.

– But the possibility for the Member States to exercise the option of 2-year derogation (to postpone the change of band’s usage from 2020 to 2022) should be possible under some conditions.

  • There is a need to take into account the circumstances of countries such as Poland which is bordering the countries, which are not the members of the EU.
  • It causes more difficult conditions for cross-border coordination. And the investments can be much more expensive for fulfilling all technical requirements of separation of the usage of the frequency.
  • In order to change the usage of radio band, the international coordination with third countries, adjusted to the rules specified by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) or under bilateral agreements, is required.
  • It would be important to support those Polish and some countries – expectations at the ITU conference – by all EU countries.
  • It is the sufficient reason to have 2-year derogation provides an adequate flexibility.

– In addition : the key is : ensuring predictability for TV broadcasters and preserving for them a relevant part of the radio spectrum for 2030.

– also : removing the provisions on specific parameters to achieve the service run in the 700 MHz band – eg. 30 mb / s inside and outside buildings. However, the indication of specific data transmission speeds for users residing inside the buildings and outside of them is important – due to the lack of a uniform methodology to measure this type of parameter : is questionable.