Natychmiastowe uwolnienie Sushchenko

Wspólnie z Petrasem Austrieviciusem, szefem grupy posłów do PE „Przyjaciół Ukrainy”, Rebeccą Harms, członkiem Delegacji „Unia Europejska – Ukraina” i Jaromírem Štětiną, wice-szefem podkomisji „Bezpieczeństwa i Obrony”, członkiem komisji LIBE, podpisaliśmy list o natychmiastowe uwolnienie Romana Sushchenko, ukraińskiego dziennikarza Ukrinform, który został aresztowany i osadzony w więzieniu w Moskwie.

Brussels, the 3rd September, 2016

Members to the European Parliament


To Vladimir Putin,

The President of Russian Federation


Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission

Donald Tusk, President of the European Council

Federica Mogherini, The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Members of the European Parliament are particularly concerned by the illegal detainee of Roman Sushchenko, Ukrainian journalist, by the authorities of Russian Federation since the 30th of October, 2016.

Roman Sushchenko has been accused in espionage, without informing his family, diplomatic institutions, or working place, National News Agency “UKRINFORM”. This totally contradicts to the minimal standards and rules of behaviour with detained, which Russian Federation has also joined.

The most recent reports say that working for the UKRINFORM since 2002 and being a permanent journalist in France since 2010, Mr Sushchenko at the moment of his detaining was on the vacation and arrived to Moscow to visit his relatives.

After the phone-call of his wife, Mrs. Anzhela Sushchenko, during the careful and frightening conversation, they informed her about the situation happened on Sunday, evening.

This is considered to be a worrying signal for any potential visitor to Russian Federation – according to the current situation, everybody may be accused in espionage and be detained.

Roman Sushchenko has solid reputation of good professional, working for several years in France – member country of the Nordic Cooperation Format, and all the accusation towards him are considered nothing more, than further illegal act towards Ukrainian citizens, made by Russian Federation.

We appeal to release immediately Roman Sushchenko, Ukrainian journalist of UKRINFORM, from the Pre-trial Detention Center in Leforto and call on your attention to the situation, happened.

Petras Austrievicius, Head of the Informal Group of the Members to European Parliament “Friends of Ukraine”

Michal Boni, Vice-Head of the Delegation “European Union – Moldova”, Member of the Delegation “European Union – Ukraine”, Member of the LIBE Committee

Rebecca Harms, Member of the Delegation “European Union – Ukraine”

Jaromir Stetina, Vice-Head of the sub-commission “Security and Defence”, Member of the LIBE Committee