e-identification tools

Mini Plenary – Deployment of cross border e-identification tools

There is no possibility to go forward and implement the digital single market solutions without some crucial – technical and essential conditions.

One of them is, of course – e- identification supported by interoperability and proper standarization.

How can we develop public services accessible all over Europe without digital identity ? It means, that we need to speed up the implementation of the e-IDs project. And go ahead with „digital by default” solutions and „once only” principle, which will simplify all kinds of services and make many relations between governments and citizens much more open.

How can we develop e-commerce without user friendly, digital identity – which is key for speeding up and scaling up the business processes, but also for the trust, and for avoiding cybercrimes at the large scale.

How can we develop portability of many services, digital content – without clear solutions at the area of e-identity ? Now, discussing the digital content services regulation, we are trying to find many, various forms for verification of the identity. It would be much more simpler to have the national, but European compatible e-identity.

So, we need it.

We have framework, we have tools, we have projects, now – we have the action plan prepared by the European Commission, and good proposals in the E-government communication. But, what we feel – as a lack, as a deficit ?

The readiness to go in this direction at the same time by all member states. The political will is needed, first of all.

Michal Boni, MEP

25th May, 2016