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Let’s build something together.

Hackathon Bridge 2.1 edition is an innovative projects contest, aimed to support young, creative people from Poland, Ukraine and Moldova to make their ideas real. Business, social and cultural projects with the most innovative solutions are able to get the financial support from the grant pool of 45,000 EURO.

The Project

Young people up to 35 years old are able to create the teams, where at least 1 representative of any of 2 member countries are present (PL+UA, UA+MD, MD+PL). Teams are able to attend our preparation trainings on project management in three countries.


Launch of HB: 2-d edition – 30, October, 2015

Deadline for the projects submission – 30, April, 2016

Announcement of the results – 30, May, 2016

Deadline for projects realization – 30, September, 2016