Wizz Air petition

I signed a petition concerning the racist practices of the Wizzair airline asking to cross the wrongly accused passenger off the list of terrorist passengers and to make a formal apology. The petition also requests information on what the airline intends to do in the future to avoid discriminating passengers based on their ethnic origin or skin color.


On the 14 th July one of the passenger on the Wizz Air flight from Gdańsk to London was taken away from the plane in a brutal manner, due to a call of one of the co-passengers. The person who had made a complaint was afraid of the dark skin color the passenger. The 26-year old man has is of Armenian origin. He has been living in Poland since birth and has a Polish citizenship. He was going from London to Gdańsk to work as an electrocardiologist in a hospital. He experienced an interrogation at the Domestic Security Agency (ABW), was threatened with firearms in case of any attempts of resistance with the presence of antiterrorist brigade. The man was released and the agency apologized to for the mistake.

Nevertheless, Wizz Air added the man’s name was put down on a list of terrorist and denied him boarding the next day.