With a view to the protection of personal data

Two days before the European Data Protection Day, on January 26, the House of Europe in Wroclaw held a debate entitled “With a View of Personal Data Protection” organized by the European Parliament’s Contact Office in Wrocław and the Regional Representation of the European Commission.
The meeting was attended by: Michał Boni, Member of the European Parliament, Minister of Administration and Digitization in 2011-2013, Paweł Makowski, adviser to the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection and Tomasz Radziszewski, a lawyer from the University of Wrocław. The meeting was hosted by Filip Marczyński, journalist of Radio Wrocław.

In 2016, the European Parliament adopted solutions that would harmonize European data protection rules. The realities have changed, and the old regulations approved in 1995 were insufficient. “Introduction of new regulations is one of the most lofty events in the area of ​​personal data protection” – summed up Tomasz Radziszewski. Applying new regulations will be required as soon as 25 May this year.

“This is important because we are living more and more in an economy that is based on data. A very large part of this data is personal data “- said MP Michał Boni. For example in health care, where after anonymisation and pseudonymisation of personal data, collections describing the course of diseases are built, which greatly help physicians to seek appropriate therapies. Our data is processed also when we are looking for various information on the network.

“Personal data is not only a fingerprint pattern, but also a unique rhythm of heartbeat and rhythm of footsteps” – emphasized Paweł Makowski. “This data is flying everywhere, someone can profile us, it can collect the enormity of this data regarding our behaviors as customers, as consumers. Such a person has these data. They must be properly protected “- said MP Michał Boni. The essence of the new EU regulations is that the personal data concerning us are our property and we have the right to dispose of them. The new regulations are to stop the uncontrolled spread of personal data. As Paweł Makowski emphasized, new regulations increase the ability to assert their rights.

These provisions are also a big challenge for companies that often have huge databases. They will have to analyze the risk and take care of data security, which customers will always be able to ask. If it turns out that our data – without permission – circulates in an uncontrolled manner, companies will be able to be punished. “We should stop perceiving this regulation as beneficial to customers and incriminating companies, because everyone will benefit. Such a data protection policy increases trust, which will cause us to share data with entrepreneurs without fear, because we will be sure that they are well protected “- emphasized MP Michał Boni.

The house of Europe that day was filled to the brim. There were about 90 people present, and in the audience, apart from consumers, were officials, lawyers and scientists who were eager to ask experts. Thanks to live broadcasts on Facebook and Twitter, the debate was also very popular in social media, and Twitter Wall quickly filled up with interesting questions and comments from Internet users.