Visit to Silicon Valley

The first day included visits and meetings with Neumann Society, Ericsson, Intel, Cisco, eBay, Apple and Sky Ventures.

I am participating in the European Internet Forum- EU40 Study Visit for the Members of the Parliament, which is held in Silicon Valley in California. The main topics are: ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

A meeting with the company Ericsson – discussions on challenges and opportunities, 5G, security and the protection of privacy. Do you know that Ericsson is the key player in defining the 5G Manifesto for Europe?

Intel about digital future, concerns and possibilities. Genevieve Bell about data, machine learning and autonomous systems.

A delegation of 15 Members of the European Parliament* is on a tour of Silicon Valley (18-21/07/16) organised by the European Internet Forum (EIF) and EU40 under the title ‘ICT Innovation & Entrepreneurship: the Road to the Valley’.