The European Commission wants to support the development of medicine in Poland

Representatives of the European Parliament’s Committee for Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) came to Poland. They want to know the possibilities of our technology companies and the problems and challenges of implementing e-health. The effect of joint actions is to be inter alia. Equal standards for the exchange and use of medical data.
At the moment in the European Parliament, MEPs prepare European legislation on the digital single market, telecom package, broadband internet and internet for all Europeans and everywhere. All these activities are also meant to help protect the health. How? The representatives of the Commission spoke at yesterday’s meeting.

The Union wants to provide care for patients

“We came to get information on how European regulations can support the work of these extraordinary people who work here in Poland on cutting edge technologies in health care. Our goal is to create not only the telecommunications community but also the common European digital market, the EU-wide regulation for cloud data collection and transmission, so that data can be transferred and exchanged in medical data, “said Prof. Jerzy Buzek, head of ITRE delegation. “We want to dispense our patients’ care even if they move not only within our borders, but across the European Union. Building an information exchange platform would also allow for the creation of standards for the exchange and use of data. If we do not do it, it will be very difficult for us to develop on a global, global scale, so it is important that we do it. ” Buzek.

Patients want to have access to the data

MEP Michal Boni pointed out that 73% Patients across Europe believe that data needs to be shared in order to have better health conditions and over 50% Patients would like to have access to such data. The deputy emphasized that the expectations of users should also guide the EU legislation. – If this is the wish of the patients, we should create the technical, organizational and legal conditions for this to happen, rather than close this information within one hospital, region and country. Data must circulate to make this data exchange available to all users. We must take care of the data protection law and its better implementation in Poland. Debates on “free flow of data” will begin in the autumn, “said Boni.

Medicine is facing another milestone

– So far we have been accustomed that medical data is collected on paper. Modern medical units are already in electronic form but still on local servers. Now the era of data sharing, acquired in medical units is coming. We need to transfer this data to the cloud environment where data is collected, “said Prof. Dariusz Dudek, Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Cardiology Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University. – Unfortunately, the current rules do not yet allow such data exchange. This transformation, which we will witness in the coming months and years, with the support of the EU and the ITRE commission, will leave us with local medicine in the world of global medicine. Such medicine will be able to provide individual solutions based on global knowledge already tested in a large number of hospitals and physicians. This will give us doctors, the opportunity to “tailor-made” therapy and diagnosis. This disease will be diagnosed with less diagnostic involvement. All this process will be supported by self-learning of the system – explained prof. Dudek.

Aleksander Smolinska

Source: mat / press