Russian subversion in EU

January 24 this year a joint expert meeting and discussion on Russian networks in Europe took place. The meeting was attended by Tomasz Piątek. Gustav Gressel presented the studies of all 252 parties in the European Union parliaments in terms of their affinity for the ideology of the pro-Kremlin youth movement. Breathtaking!
Developing anti-Western moods and supporting pro-Russian networks has been part of Russia’s foreign policy for centuries. What has changed: the ease of manipulating public discourse through social media and the loss of public trust in democratic institutions.
Many participants point to worrying trends in Italy, increasingly attacked by the Kremlin’s propaganda. Russia is trying to influence Italian politics through the Russian and Italian mafias. Crime networks as channels of Russian influence.
Common EU standards in the area of ​​combating organized crime, corruption and money laundering as well as organizing our home are essential for building resilience against Russia and other threats.
I thank the excellent experts Tomasz Piątek, Rebecca Harms, Gustav Gressel, Gonzales Pons.