Putin’s Russia

Putin’s Russia is a problem for the whole world. The title cover of “The Economist” and the texts published in that edition demonstrate that Putin’s policy “leads out” the world in a radically wrong direction: against democracy, freedom, the value of the rule of law, peace, market freedoms.

Why would it constitute a threat to the whole world?

It is because not only Ukraine is threatened after the annexation of Crimea and as a consequence of the war which is being conducted by Putin’s soldiers in Donbass against Ukraine and its independence. Today, the fight for Ukraine’s borders is the fight for the security of Europe’s borders. It is because not only Syrian children from Aleppo have suffered as a result of the Russian decisions and the hostilities. The romantic arguments presented in the “Financial Times” by Valery Gergiev, an otherwise great conductor and simultaneously the defender of Vladimir Putin’s policy, will not be able to erase that. It is Russia that makes it impossible to take a common action towards the war in Syria. It is Russia that teases Turkey, just to send it cordial signals the next moment. It is Russia that more and more intensely and provocatively acts on the situation of the countries of the Eastern Partnership: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, the entire Caucasus and Moldova. Russia influences people’s mentality through the media and through the Russian language. It wants to have an impact on the election results. The manipulations of Putin’s Russia are as far-reaching as to attempt to influence the results of the presidential elections in the USA. Not to mention the Russian game of weakening the European Union – Brexit, yes, but also the strange policy of Victor Orban and the Czech and Slovak leaders. Recently, Russian companies have been trying even to take over Bulgarian media…

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