My report on psychoactive substances accepted!


It took 3 years to achieve the final version of the New Psychoactive Substances solution with the Council. We have overcome the deadlock due to efforts done by all partners, especially by the Maltese presidency.

Why those things are so important ?

  • 628 new psychoactive substances were formally notified by EMCDDA in 2016 as a dangerous for life and health, of them 100 were notified for the first time,
  • 560 substances are now monitored,
  • 254 – this is amount of victims of NPS, who died in EU in 2016 and 2017,
  • Only in my country, in Poland nearly 3000 citizens were  poisoned by NPS form January till August this year!!


  • So, it is the real challenge!! The common, too easy accessibility of NPS is very high because of the new, digital channels and lack of clear rules.
  • It is cross-border phenomenon – so, our responses must be cross-border, European !
  • It is our moral obligation: to act:
  • together ( all Member States and partners, also local authorities and NGOs),
  • with determination –  to protect the health of our citizens, especially young generation,
  • using  scientific knowledge to act as fast as possible building the early warning system and proper risk assessment, which is crucial for banning dangerous substances,
  • coordinating much better the measures taken by particular countries, use the best practices,
  • promoting the understanding of all threats related to the drugs and NPS,
  • giving the proper tools to the EMCDDA and supporting its  organisational and financial capability.


The new procedure in the Regulation will look like –  as follows:


1/. Member States ensure that national focal points of the drugs network and of Europol provide necessary information on the new psychoactive substances to the EMCDDA and Europol. The EMCDDA with Europol shall gather all this information and communicate them to Member States and Commission.


2) In case there is a suspicion that the new psychoactive substance may pose health or social risks at the EU level, EMCDDA, the Commission or majority of Member States can ask the EMCDDA to draft the initial report.


3) Initial report shall give first indication of the nature and scale of incidents, chemical and physical description of the substance, the involvement of the criminal groups in its manufactures. Report has to be prepared within 5 weeks.


4) If the initial report indicates that the substance may pose severe  risks, the Commission requests EMCDDA to prepare risk assessment report, which should include more in-depth analysis. This will be done by the Scientific Committee of EMCDDA in 6 weeks.


5) If the risk assessment report shows that the substance poses severe risks, the Commission prepares the delegated act to include this substance on the list of drugs. Member States have to ban this substance as soon as possible but no longer until 6 months.


So, as a result – we are shortening the procedure of much more than one year, have more common European actions, more precise the risk assessment model, and – early warning system. This regulation is complement to the European Union Drugs Strategy.


And is necessary to protect our citizens.

Michal Boni, MEP

Strasbourg, 23 rd October, 2017