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During today’s Congress of Polish Lawyers in Katowice I presented a letter to representatives of the legal professions, written and signed by Members of the European Parliament.

Congress of Polish Lawyers in Katowice

5G is more than a mobile revolution. It will promote innovation, make profound changes across industries and it will allow the development of new business models and high-quality services. The 5G infrastructure will become a business, in which Europe needs to play a dominant role.

SME Circle has adopted my
Position Paper on 5G

Saturday, 25 March 2017, will mark the sixtieth anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome by 6 countries, which countries, in fact, started the history of the European Union. The history covering the period of those 60 years is the history of a dream about Europe bringing peace and guaranteeing development.

Essay about Europe
dreams, needs, possibilities

Mobile World Congress is the largest and the world’s best event of the mobile industry, consisting of huge exhibitions, conferences, presentations of digital technology.

Mobile World Congress Barcelona

It is fascinating. How skillfully Wrocław – a city of new ideas, innovation and wise economic development – in 2016 became a real
European Capital of Culture.

Culture and human rights

The environments of judges, attorneys and legal advisors showed their solidarity in their resistance against the reforms proposed by the Polish government of the Law and Justice party.

Law and Justice

Europe does not only mean opportunities of a single market.
It means common foundations. It means a duty to uphold the stability of those foundations.

The Mechanism of Democracy


European Internet Forum

Early morning European Internet Forum From Connected Health to Digital Health. Participants will test the latest techniques (more…)

Drug Policy

Together with the Polish Drug Policy Network I organized a meeting on drug policy, public health and safety. There was a (more…)

About ePrivacy at the round table

Today’s round table meeting with IAB – Interactive Advertising Bureau and Application Developers Alliance. There was a discussion (more…)

Digital Assembly 2017

The Digital Assembly 2017 will take place on 15 and 16 June in Valletta, Malta. It is an event co-organised by the European (more…)

Radio TOK FM

This morning I was guest of Piotr Kraśko in the morning radio program TOK FM. Will the Polish government change its mind (more…)

Interview for Ukrinform

Russia is the most active country that conducts such a first-ever organized information warfare in cyberspace, mainly, in (more…)

My visit to Kiev

I met with Volodymyr Bondarenko Secretary of State Cabinet of Ministers, Oleksandr Ryzenko Chairman of the E-governance (more…)

Cybercrime and Cyber Security

Cybersecurity: improving European industry

Dear colleagues,

I would like to welcome you at the second panel that will (more…)

Flying Bag press conference

Today a conference “Flying Bag: Ukraine – Poland” on the occasion of the International Children’s Day took place at the European (more…)

Morning guest at Radio ZET

I was a guest on the morning show at Radio ZET. Konrad Piasecki and I talked about the Smolensk disaster. Listen to the whole (more…)

Radio TOK FM interview

Morning interview with journalist Jacek Żakowski at Radio TOK FM. The main topic we discussed was the Smolensk disaster. (more…)

Digital Europe: On the cusp of 5G

The EU wants to be a truly digital economy and be at the forefront of transitioning into a gigabit society by 2025, where (more…)

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