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We’re selecting the region’s most promising startups, leveraging technology to build disruptive solutions, addressing Europe’s most pressing challenges. Europe’s Top 50 innovators will be revealed at the European Parliament, during the European Innovation Summit

EU Top 50 start-ups

In spite of the small scale of the influx of foreigners, the topic of refugees was strongly present in the media and social networks. The heated debate has ceased to appeal to the facts and is full of hate speech, both in the real world (also public) and virtual. Migration Crisis: Where will we find hatred? Conference recap.

Migration crisis: Where will we find hatred?

I had the pleasure of working together with Lojze Peterle, Tunne Kelam and Jaromir Štětin to host the Dissidents, Ludwik Wujec, Henryk Wujec and Zbigniew Janas in the European Parliament.


5G is more than a mobile revolution. It will promote innovation, make profound changes across industries and it will allow the development of new business models and high-quality services. The 5G infrastructure will become a business, in which Europe needs to play a dominant role.

SME Circle has adopted my
Position Paper on 5G

Saturday, 25 March 2017, will mark the sixtieth anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome by 6 countries, which countries, in fact, started the history of the European Union. The history covering the period of those 60 years is the history of a dream about Europe bringing peace and guaranteeing development.

Essay about Europe
dreams, needs, possibilities

Mobile World Congress is the largest and the world’s best event of the mobile industry, consisting of huge exhibitions, conferences, presentations of digital technology.

Mobile World Congress Barcelona

It is fascinating. How skillfully Wrocław – a city of new ideas, innovation and wise economic development – in 2016 became a real
European Capital of Culture.

Culture and human rights

Europe does not only mean opportunities of a single market.
It means common foundations. It means a duty to uphold the stability of those foundations.

The Mechanism of Democracy


ePrivacy: regulatory implications and impact on digital SMEs

What is crucial for our decisions and actions on ePrivacy regulation not only in the short, but also in the long term perspective? (more…)

Digital Health – The impact of Big Data & AI on EU healthcare systems?

There are completely new opportunities related to the healthcare area. The new drivers come from the digital revolution. (more…)

Automotive Industry as an engine of Economic Growth in Poland

Presentation on EU regulation, deployment of 5G discussion on automotive industry in Poland as an engine of economic growth. (more…)

Debate about IGF 2017 – Shape Your Digital Future!

With Julie Ward I host the discussion on priorities and expectations for 12th annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (more…)

5G NOW. Industry Summit

Regulatory environment for stimulating 5G.

5G can be a key enabler of this digitalisation, accommodating the diverse connectivity (more…)


In the Ukrainian “Holodomor” from 1932 – 1933 nearly 4 million of Ukrainians perished, which means over 10% of the population (more…)

Think Digital – Data Protection and Privacy of the European Digital Future

What is crucial for our decisions and actions on ePrivacy regulation not only in the short, but also in the long term perspective?

To (more…)

Brain Health: The digital future is on its way

We met at the European Parliament with the European Brain Council and Carlos Zorrinho hosted a workshop on brain health: (more…)

European Citizenship Awards – Press conference

First of all, I want to congratulate Marta Lempart – the winner of the European Citizenship Awards for the Citizens’ Initiative (more…)

Internet of Opportunity: Will the Internet Benefit All Europeans?

It is a proper time to discuss about the Internet of Opportunities.

But let me say at the beginning: how important is (more…)

ePrivacy the mandate was voted at the Plenary

At today’s meeting in Strasbourg, the eprivacy mandate was adopted. My assessment of ongoing process in the European Parliament (more…)

CEIBS 15th China Automotive Industry Forum 2017

The policy of the new US administration signals to significantly change the attitude of the United States to international (more…)

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