Morning guest at Radio ZET

I was a guest on the morning show at Radio ZET. Konrad Piasecki and I talked about the Smolensk disaster. Listen to the whole interview at the Radio ZET website.

Today’s conversation with editor Konrad Piasecki on Radio ZET. We talked about the Smolensk catastrophe.

“If it turns out that on such a scale there are mistakes with the identification of the Smolensk catastrophe, then I must say sorry. I will accept every court for these mistakes. Although I was not there because I was dealing with fragments of bodies that came to Poland, “says Radio Visitor ZET Michal Boni, who in 2010 was the head of the team responsible for the state funeral of victims of the Smolensk disaster. “The scale of mistakes is much bigger than anyone could have imagined,” says the PO politician. “It is hard to imagine that after the disaster I meet many families and I say: we have to wait 2 weeks to do body analyzes. The need for mourning and funeral proved to be stronger. After 7 years I can say that you might have to oppose, “- believes ZET Radio Visitor.

Konrad Piasecki: Michał Boni MP of the Civic Platform, in April 2010 the head of the team responsible for the state funeral of victims of the Smolensk disaster, good morning, hello.

Michal Boni: Good morning, good morning to you.

Did you pass the exam?

You know how to look at it from the perspective of 2010, your emotions, events, necessity, I think it passed the exam.

And how to look at it from the perspective of 2017?

And then Jacek Sasin publicly said you passed the exam, thank you. Then a lot of people from different political groups said that many things were done just as they could in the best circumstances. Today we can see …

Today we are richer, or more poorer by seven years of trauma and knowledge of what is today in the coffins of victims of the Smolensk disaster. And you passed the exam?

I will continue to say that the state has passed the exam, which does not change the fact that if it turns out that on such a scale have been made mistakes with the identification of corpses, then you have to say sorry, then one has to wonder why this happened, what was the role of prosecutors, what It was the role of Russian experts who did that, but one has to realize the whole context. This context was such that 75 bodies were identified by families who flew there, who wanted to fly there. 21 were identified by genetic material analysis. The genetic material was collected for the first twenty-four hours. Mistakes at this pressure to get the bodies of those who died quickly returned home, it was the expression that came in the mouth of the family, so that the bodies returned home to us.

Only the basic question is whether the state should not behave like a cool, cold, ruthless analyst at the moment, and do not succumb to this pressure?

There are many areas in which the state must behave like a cold, ruthless analyst, but you know, it is difficult for me to imagine the situation that I face opposite families, as well as the representatives of those families who today say things so loudly and say: Wait two weeks to complete these analyzes.

And you can not imagine the situation where you face the family and tell us, we are not sure if the coffins are the bodies of the loved ones, we have to make, we have to open those coffins, we have to do analysis because we have to lay to the grave of the body, We have a hundred percent certainty that these are the bodies of those victims of the Smolensk disaster that we put to the grave.

But it is not the state that owns these bodies, sorry for defining the owner, only the family. If families decided that the bodies recognized, in their opinion, also mistakenly probably in some cases, were deposited in coffins and later buried, then it was their decision. There was one family who wanted a complete genetic analysis there in Moscow and these studies were carried out there.

But you hear today, in nine coffins revealed parts of the body of other people than the person to this coffin, including one in seven other people. In the coffin of one of the archbishops was half the body of the general, it sounds horrible.

It sounds horrible.

And who is responsible for that ladies ladies?

But it sounds horrible, but I want to change the tone of conversation on this subject. Because I’m not in court and the public can judge me mentally, right? But as we speak human language about these matters, we must say so: perhaps those who identified the body of the Archbishop were wrong. Maybe I can apologize for the fact that they were wrong, maybe we have to look at what was the scale of the neglect made by the Russian experts there in place.

Today we know, we already see that she was huge.

Yes, and I say I’m sorry because that’s it. The only problem is that if the public wants to say that you, Mr Michael Boni, have been pressured by families to return home, then you have to stand trial. It is as Ewa Kopacz said that she would accept this State Tribunal for helping people I will also every court I accept.