LIBE delegation in Japan

In the last days, a visit of the LIBE delegation to Japan with Barbara Kudrycka, Nathalie Griesbeck, Jan Philipp Albrecht, Claude Moraes and Daniel Dalton. 
The delegation is related to the current data protection negotiations between the European Union and Japan. In fact, the Commission has launched a dialogue with Japan aiming at reaching an “adequacy decision” on the transfer of personal data from the Union to Japan in parallel to negotiations conducted on a trade deal with Japan. Before this summer, the Commission and the Japanese authorities decided to intensify their efforts towards achieving this goal by early 2018, including by addressing relevant differences and building on the enhanced convergence between their two systems.
This LIBE delegation is therefore closely linked with the core business of the LIBE Committee as regards data protection of EU citizens (as mentioned in Annex V of the Rule of procedure) and privacy issues in relation with third countries. Moreover, taking into account the role the Parliament has to play within the Comitology procedure expected to lead to the adoption by the Commission of the implementing adequacy decision for Japan by early 2018, the LIBE Committee ad-hoc delegation would provide the Members with appropriate information on the current Japanese data protection legal framework, in order to ensure that Parliament is in a position to properly exercise its scrutiny powers.
The LIBE delegation met relevant Japanese authorities and stakeholders in relation to the essential elements to be considered by the commission when adopting its adequacy decision.
The delegation met with the Japanese administration responsible for the management of the negotiations, including discussions with representatives of the Ministry of internal affairs and Communications and the Ministry of economy will take place. Furthermore, the national data protection authority of Japan, key actor in the negotiations, will be met. There was a meeting with Members of the Japanese Parliament (Diet) working on data protection issues and with private stakeholders. Among others, one roundtable with private companies and representative of businesses. The next meetings were made up of representatives of civil societies and NGOs. A Professor, specialised in data protection and cybersecurity also met by the delegation.