Interview for Deutsche Welle

What do you think concerning Coreper’s decision to start of negotiations between the EU Council and the EP on visa liberalization with Ukraine?

I think this is the next step towards liberalization of visa-free regime between the EU and Ukraine, which underlines our (Europe) permanent position regarding this question. The European Parliament remains committed to positive reply during these negotiations.

In you opinion are any hidden threats still left on the way of Ukrainian viza liberalization?

The risk appears in case when migration from particular countires will be sharply increased and will be at unacceptably high level during 3 month for example. For the situation like that, the visa free suspension mechanism is needed.
But I am sure that after such strong expressing of Ukrainian national identity, we shouldn’t be afraid of massive migration from your country. The motivation and unity, which the Ukrainians show on reforms implementation at present, reveals nothing, but respect.

I don’t see any additional hidden threats, just clear process of negotiations. This touches all the countries-non-members of the EU, who have or will have the free visa regime in future before joining to the European Union. I also would like to remind that not only Ukraine, but also Georgia is waiting for this decision too.

Does it mean that the free visa regime with Ukraine will be voted during the plenary next week?

This is possible in case, if the process on visa free regime suspension mechanism will be completed As soon as the EU will finish this tool, Ukraine receives visa free regime immediatelly.

And what about this visa free regime suspension mechanism? Is it going to be voted soon?

I would like to explain that the suspension mechanism is a respond of the European Union to the recent migration risks, which made additional pressure on the member countries. This is a tool, the aim of which is to avoid in future the situations, when the children are found on the beach of the sea and many people from other countries are massivelly coming because their country is not able to protect them. The EU offers partnership in this way not charity. And to make EU reliable and successful partner we have to regulate the outer pressure, including the economical one. The creation of the visa free regime suspension mechanism is not something, artificially created in order to postpone the decision towards Ukraine. All the EU institutions confirmed for several times their readiness to support Ukraine in this process. This is just the measure, which the EU needs.

At present we are on our way of negotiations. After successfull completion of this process with all the countries, applying for visa-free regime, including Ukraine, we will be able to vote for its final variant.
The Mandate is already created. In case if all the negotiations will be successful the voting will be conducted early next year at the plennary session. Quite possible that even in January.

And I would like to assure you that Ukraine will receive free visa regime as soon as all the legal procedures will be completed.