Innovation Shapes the Future

European Association of Plastics Manufacturers hosts the annual formal meeting of PlasticsEurope, New Year Reception, held this year under the slogan “Innovation Shapes the Future”. The meeting is traditionally gathers participants from both the industry and the political and legislative circles of European institutions. I was invited to deliver a lecture on the challenges for the development and implementation of innovations in 2017.


Why innovation is so important for the development ?

How the innovation does really matter ?

It is a background – for development. Digital revolution as related to the General Purpose Technology have the possibility to become the game changer of everything – from economic side, manufacturing, management of the energy and smart cities, healthcare area, education, entertainment models, social relations via social networks etc.etc.

But, of course – not only digital factors are so influeantial, if it is coming to the innovation.

But, it is really true: Innovation now – it is the ecosystem.

This new Pro-Innovation Eco-System should meet all possible partners: business, Science and public policies Institutions. They have common responsability for the innovative future.

What are the crucial characteristics of this new eco-system ?

Firstly – it is: the Openness! In the modern world, just before the Sharing Economy beginning – many business undertakings and the new business ideas, and also cooperation between business nad science should be aimed at broader openness.

Secondly – it is: Collaboration, collaborative schemes, which are important, also by using open attitudes – for stronger cooperation, working together, finding mutual advantages in relationships B2B. They can be realated to the value chain, but also to the horizontal and vertical possibilities, depending on specificity of the industry sectors.

Thirdly – it is: Users’ Orientation, which means, that the question: what for – is fundamental. The innovative economy of our modern times is aimed at our – as customers, as users, as citizens, as persons playing many roles, patients in the healthcare area – expectations and needs. At the end of the all processes starting from the new business ideas, via checking the new technologies, the new solutions, work on prototypes of the new products or services, implementation of the pilot solutions and final solutions – we need to have the satisfaction of the clients. This is the way to the profits.

Fourthly – it is: Big Data Usage, which is essential for the completely new opportunities: in the production processes, in the marketing, in the research and making the work of labs much more effective, in participation of the Text and Data Mining processes.

All above mentioned characteristics create the new context and the model of the Innovation Eco-System: From Open Innovation to Open Science to Open World.

What is needed, in general – for this new innovative development and pro-innovation ecosystem?

We need to have:

the new model od education: more open for teaching people -how they can learn all the life, more open for collaborative skills and social capital ( trust) development, more open for the new technical challenges: the logic of coding,

the new position of the small business: more oriented on using tools for the new, innovative forms of marketing, building relations with clients, financial management, very often by using cloud services in many areas,

the growing significance of the startups: as vehicles for innovation – for the market, for concrete companies taking into account some new solutions. Startups are more effective to find innovative solutions. But, very often it is related to the high level of risks. So, for startups ecosystems we need accessability of financial sources aimed at more risky undertakings,

the new model of universities and the Centres of Excellences of the Science and active, effective model of the Centres for the Konowledge Transfers,

the own R&D departments in the companies: very often it is easier to start the new innovative projects in the Company, and – if necessary: take support from the outside Centres of Sciences. The quality of the own R&D department is crucial for the effectiveness,

the accessability of the different kind of sources for R&D and pro-innovation investments: public sources, credits, venture capital for more risky undertakings, co-investment models etc,

the key role is – new relationship between business and the research area. It should be as hard friendship for mutual advantages – as it is between Stanford University and The Sillicon Vallley,

the last, but not least – the well functioning Innovation Eco-System, the well functioning Innovation Drivers in the Company, in the Sector – first of all: requires – the powerful leadership.