IGF – Internet Governance Forum 2017

On 18-21 December, as the head of the European Parliament delegation, I am taking part in this year’s 12th Internet Management Forum IGF – Internet Governance Forum Your Digital Future at the UN headquarters in Geneva together with Marija Gabriel, Julia Reda and Jan Philipp Albrecht. # IGF2017 with a strong message: Technology is for people, for a better life and will be, not only for …. technology. Many debates on: net neutrality, human rights for Internet users, cyber security and privacy, child protection, digital skills.
It is a global forum that promotes discussions and dialogue on internet-related issues. The IGF informs and inspires those who have policy-making powers in both the public and private sectors. Facilitates a common understanding of how you can maximize the chances of using the Internet and takes into account emerging threats and challenges. It is a forum that gives developing countries the opportunity to engage in a debate about internet governance and facilitates their participation in existing institutions and organizations.

Interesting discussions with the Youth Movement on innovation and digital skills. It is important to get involved in the next generation of Internet users. Many initiatives involve young people. We must maintain openness, transparency and inclusive internet access for everyone in the digital age. We have to discuss important issues regarding online neutrality, cybersecurity and digital skills.
Together with the other members of the EP delegation, we also met Vinton G. Cerf.