In the Ukrainian “Holodomor” from 1932 – 1933 nearly 4 million of Ukrainians perished, which means over 10% of the population of the then Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. It was the act of genocide – I have no doubts. Some historians have said that it was “ the classical example of Soviet genocide”. Stalin never personally witnessed the starvations, but there is no doubt that they were of his making. What we need, now ?

To keep the memory of this act of genocide. To disseminate the historical knowledge about the “Holodomor”. To make the remembrance of this “Holodomor” experience – the part of the modern identity of the Ukrainians. To make it for the future – treating as a warning signal: how the totalitarian systems are dangerous for the fundamental human’s values. It is key for the Europe and Ukraine as a clear part of the Europe.