Follow-up meeting – What happened at IGF 2017?

The theme of IGF 2017 is Shape Your Digital Future! This is because the IGF advances Internet policy through frank discussion rather than negotiation. By contributing to discussions, participants help to inform the decisions relating to Internet policy and practice development that may come back to affect citizens and business operations. That’s why is clear all mutlistakeholder voice at IGF matters is heard.

After eleven years and with a renewed mandate until 2025 the IGF is indeed now the best place to kick start a discussion or to organize pressure towards decision-making bodies to find solutions for emerging issues;

What do all generations want? A better future, without compromising the present?  Focusing on the need to re-balance the democratic life of young people, the work, pension and economic life of all people, the service provision for those at the margins of society and all through the prism of sustainable development: fulfilling the needs of today without compromising the potential of tomorrow. Many of the concerns of the old and young are similar but that caution should be made to allow autonomy for flourish within solidarity.

How to organise t the future IGF agenda more feasible?

How to keep IGF multistakeholder approach fully support:  3 challenges

  • Funding
  • Hosting
  • Participation

There is a need to have more exchanges throughout the year to keep IGF relevant. Need for the EU to support IGF and the regional and national IGF editions.

IGF requires a more targeted agenda which would make stakeholders more engaged to participate.

Need to involved start-ups and representatives of start-ups. A network of standards would be necessary to convey their messages for IGF and beyond. Start-ups from easter and balkan countries are important to be engaged

Bottom up approach is very valuable for future organisations.

Need of a strong, stable IGF secretariat with permanent staff and stable finance.

As well as more innovative solutions is needed on the Road towards 2025!!!

However, IGF will always be part of the global governance ecosystem, and whether they are inclusive, balanced, and accountable matters. IGF should also remain open to the idea that new innovations in global governance could emerge that would fulfil all criteria better than existing processes and institutions do.