Flying Bag

Do you want to make friends with boys and girls from different countries?

The first International Movement Flying Bag will give you the opportunities! Please, take part yourself and attract your friends to the movement. Dear Parents, your children will be pleased to spend time with you. Dear Teachers and Education Leaders, your students have got a good chance to expand the communication geography. Join the movement partnerships around countries and regions and you will see so many smiling eyes in your school!

The idea of International Movement “Flying Bag” is changing backpacks filled with school equipment and other interesting everyday school life objects between children around the world. One of the goal is humanitarian school life objects aid to children who are being in difficult circumstances. For example, there are 230,000 immigrants children in Ukraine.


The Movement progress includes several phases:


  1. Meeting new friends via video presentation “My backpack and all that’s in it”. Clip may be in the native or foreign language.Advantages of first stage are meeting new friends, improving communication in foreign languages and flash-mob videos. The movies include cognitive information about school accessories and features from different countries.


  1. Parent involvement in children’s life and interests. Advantages of second phase are interesting work together with school age children (assistance in shooting video clips, help in sending and receiving gifts).


  1. Involving manufacturers of school equipment, sponsors to support humanitarian action. Provide children from poor families and those who are in difficult circumstances with backpacks, school supplies and equipment.Advantages of third phase are the humanitarian and philanthropic component. Namely, giving a piece of warmth to those who need it most. It will be represented as a video message, a set of school items and a backpack itself.


To participate in Movement one would:

  1. Record video presentation “My backpack and all that’s in it”.
  2. Download it on your youtube channel.
  3. Add the link to the video on a Facebook community page

At the first phase the videos will be shown to students in Warsaw, Poland. Children will make their choices, decide who do they want to communicate with. Perhaps, someone’s going to send a backpack with school equipment right away. There will also be online conferences arranged between the Movement participants (at this stage, students from Poland and Ukraine) on a Facebook community page.

Interaction model will be shared to other countries.

As thr appearence of sponsors, partners there will be form a list of children who likes receiving gifts, which they or their parents can not buy by themself.


The founder of the Movement Flying Bag/Pletsak Latayontsy is Kira Suhoboychenko.

10 years old, Kira Suhoboychenko recognized as one of the winners of children’s startups in Poland invention “Flying backpack”. Kira invented an interesting way to make a backpack for school student lighter and easier to get.To do this, fill the bottom part of a backpack with helium (or other similar gas), which makes the pack easy and more convenient to use. Kira Suhoboychenko – born in the Crimea. Now living in Poland. Ukrainian girl attends school Dmytro Pavlychko name “Materynka” in Warsaw. As well as studying at Polish general school.

The contest was founded by company MetLife, Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie i Reasekuracji S.A and Zgoda Projekt. The children will demonstrzte their inventions. Interesting thing which can help us in our daly life or even change the world.

Polish partners are:


Ukrainian partners are:


Information partner in Poland – Fundacja Media IC

Information partner in Ukraine – Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine

The international movement Pletsak Latayontsy / Flying Bag has already started on December 2016.

We ask to assist in the dissemination International Movement in Ukraine and give appropriate instructions to all stakeholders. Details of participating students in Movement are in applications

(e-mail, mail in separate documents or flyers).