European Citizenship Awards – Press conference

First of all, I want to congratulate Marta Lempart – the winner of the European Citizenship Awards for the Citizens’ Initiative of the Year. She organised in 2016 Polish Women Strike (the Black Protest). She deserves this Award in 1000 percent!

Because she is the citizen who fights for the rights of other citizens – especially women as citizens fighting for their rights in Poland, now. Poland is under many threats.

There is a threat to democracy. The democracy means not only the elections. The democracy means the state of the society and the relations between society and the authorities. After winning the elections – winners have many opportunities to change the policies. But at the same time – the elections winners have to keep the full respect to the fundamental rules: the rule of law, the separation of powers, the independent position of the Constitutional Court, the independence of the judiciary system and the Supreme Court, the impartiality of public media and freedom of press   and media market, the full respect of all citizens’ rights – the privacy protection, the right to the access to the public information, the freedom of expression of all views, the right for gathering and manifestations.

All those rights and fundamental principals are undermined in Poland, now. The key for protecting the democracy, for saving the democracy is – to show the citizenship by citizens.

Marta Lempart is a brilliant Polish citizen, protecting common European values – she is a European citizen. And first of all – she is a braveheart with an open mind! To have this kind of citizens means – that democracy will be saved!

Also I want to thank Tomasz Piątek for his free, independent journalism, for his determination to discover the truth. In the world of fake news – as a vehicle for populism growth – this kind of journalism bring to us the hope: that the truth will be stronger than the post-truth world and its characteristic.

Tomasz Piątek won yesterday a Freedom of Press Award done by Reporters without Borders. Congratulations! Tomasz Piątek book on the current Polish minister of defence Antoni Macierewicz, based on evidence give us the opportunity to understand: what is going on in our country. I appreciate the braveness and honesty of Tomasz Piątek.

With those two – Marta Lempart and Tomasz Piątek we are much stronger in Poland to fight for the truth, democracy and fundamental rights.