Ensuring Europe’s Leadership in 5G

High level event, focusing on the future of telecoms and exploring the impact of technology advances. The 5G story is integral to this: what it means, how it will make a difference and where can technology applications deliver real change.
Breakfast meeting will focus on the future of telecoms, exploring the impact of technology advances. The emphasis is positive and forward looking, investigating how the policy environment can drive investment and competition for the benefit of European citizens and how technology can deliver societal change.

Three key themes:

Introduction to 5G-optimised services: i.e. tactile internet, virtual/augmented reality, remote control of vehicles and robots and specialised applications. How the mobile industry supports the development and uptake of these bespoke services across industry, i.e. services that are not supported currently on 4G, and how these applications will impact our lives

Investment in the future: how sustainable levels of competition will deliver connectivity for the long-term benefit of citizens and for the delivery of advanced services.

How can Europe can become the leader on 5G? Focus on delivery of a digital society, the need to view regulation across the ecosystem and the creation of a regulatory environment that complements and supports the open architecture of the internet and investment in infrastructure.

Questions to address:

How should governments evaluate and establish the environment for businesses that are shaping the future?
How should technology policy be applied to enable the best outcomes for society?
What can European politicians do to deliver a truly digital Europe?
What factors are driving investment?
How can we encourage sustainable levels of competition in communications markets?