Election of the Chairman of the EP

Today, elections were held for the President of the European Parliament. Finally, in the fourth round of Gianni Pittella he won Antonio Tajani, who became the new President of the EP. My congratulations!
As President of the European Parliament I will fight with value – announced before the elections, Antonio Tajani, the new head of the EuropeanParliament. 63-year-old Italian will replace the position of Martin Schulz.

63-year-old Antonio Tajani most of his political career, tied with the European Parliament – the first time the MEP mandate received in 1994. In June 2008 he was Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Transport, less than two years later he became bosses in commission for industry and entrepreneurship. In July 2014 again he obtained the mandate of a Member of the European Parliament, at the same time leaving the position of the European Commission.
The candidate of the Christian Democrats, asked before the election about why a candidate for the head of PE said: – I’ll be the chairman, who is fighting for the values – the same ones that led me to politics. I held various functions in the institutions of the European Union for the last 20 years and I can assure you that I remain just as dedicated to his mission, as for all this time. I assure you that the voice of every person in Europe is heard and taken into account when making decisions.

Tajani, a former spokesman for Silvio Berlusconi, was elected as the candidate of the European People’s Party in the first round of internal elections, beating Irishwoman Mairead McGuinness, Frenchman Alain Lamassoure and Slovene Alojz Peterle.

– Tajani is a very important person in the party. It is extremely loyal, and the victory in the internal elections is due to the fact that every other member of the EPP know him personally – said Andreas Schwab, a German MEP, Italian colleague from the faction of the Christian Democrats.

63-year-old Italian is a trained lawyer. Before becoming a politician, he was an officer in the Italian Air Force, also worked as a journalist, being among presenter of Radio Rai 1. In 1994, he was one of the founders of the party Forza Italia. Tajani served as spokesman of the first Berlusconi government (1994-1995). Already during a career in the EU institutions he ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Rome (lost marginally with Walter Veronim).