Digital Europe: On the cusp of 5G

The EU wants to be a truly digital economy and be at the forefront of transitioning into a gigabit society by 2025, where 5G technology is the norm. Parliament is looking through an action plan to roll out 5G across the bloc.

Picture this: driverless cars that can connect to each other, online health monitoring, intuitive e-services, virtual reality and self-adjusting appliances. The fridge will always be cold enough; the heater warm enough; the TV bright enough. Data can also be sent from these machines to service providers.

Welcome to the world of 5th generation mobile networks or 5G – a tech buzzword that could soon be the norm in business and in daily life. The EU is gearing up to usher in this high-speed, high-capacity digital world by 2025, with 700 million euros set aside for it, plus private sector funding. It’s changing everything. It opens new possibilities in the industry. It opens new possibilities in many services.

There’s a lot of work ahead – infrastructure, regulations, and products have to be updated. Security concerns over increased connectivity have to be addressed.

And there’s the digital divide. MEPs are calling for universal access to technology to ensure that this 5G digital future is a future for all.