Digital Challenges – High Level Conference

First of all,

We are talking about digital shape of the European future. It is key for creating the new European competitive advantages and finally for better life of European citizens.

We need to highlight two dimensions of the digital future:

  • indispensable legislative framework: transparent, clear, cutting-edge, flexible, future proof and
  • expected societal, users’ benefits changing the everyday life of millions of people.

But, there is something additional to achieve this game changer: investments in the digital future.


There are:  three areas of key investments for the digital game changer: 5G infrastructure, the High Performance Computing network, and special kind of investments – focused on digital literacy development.

So – thirdly,

5G infrastructure is crucial for the future in many areas: Internet of Things, self-driving cars, new eHealth solutions etc.

The proper 5G legal framework is necessary to have the ultra-connected Europe, but the more important is –  the certainty for the long term investments, which means the certainty for the businesses investing in 5G:

  • the duration of licenses should be as long as possible,
  • the proper and timely decided access to the new frequencies is needed,
  • accessibility of funding difficult tasks, addressed to the disadvantaged territories is required
  • flexible conditions for co-investments should be defined
  • the same conditions in different countries to ensure equal level playing field are needed
  • proper incentives for the infrastructure based competition and flexible model of symmetric services have to be implemented


Without investments in the High Performance Computing Centres there is no possibility to develop Big Data economy.

We are using data for processing and having results of analytical works for improving manufacturing on the way to the economy 5.0, for scientific achievements based on data analysis, for AI development thanks to the accessibility of data needed to train the machine learning. What do we need to do –  to encourage more investments in high quality solutions?

  • strengthen the cooperation and involvement of all Member States in the European Agreement on HPC and joint undertaking for HPC. This is the best way to engage MS in the financing this project
  • create the demand for the HPC services – it is crucial for the science and industries development
  • show publicly the real necessity for the European Cloud Initiative and support the establishment of the European Technology Platform for HPC  
  • indicate proper resources to establish the storages for data


There is no possibility to lead the innovative investments without the clear links between the business and research development. It concerns especially the cybersecurity, investments in the certification schemes, work on unpredictable development of the future AI.

So, investments in research are crucial, as centres of excellences needed for the European cooperation in AI area.


We need to invest in the various types of infrastructure, but if we really want to establish conditions for achieving the digital game changer in the EU  – we have to invest in the education in the broad sense.

It means –  the support for the digital literacy development  – addressed to all generations, residents of all kinds of territories, people of all levels of education. It requires proper resources and in some fields – harmonisation of curricula. We need to support people in their adaptability to the new technology challenges.

Facing the challenge of Artificial Intelligence – we need to establish  framework for the transition period to adjust the European workforce to the new requirements: collaboration of humans and  robots.

How to initiate programs in this area, knowing the division of competences between the European Union and Member States?

What kind of political commitment is essential to face this challenge?

And – seventhly,

All those investments require financial resources: coming from the market and from national and European public sources.

How to secure a proper and comprehensive response to digital challenges in the Multiannual Financial Framework post 2020 ?

If the idea of the Digital Europe Program will be implemented ?

This is the most topical task, now – when we discuss the future budget of the EU with understanding of horizontal needs – to incorporate digital investments into different kind of programs.