Debate on Poland

MEPs urge Polish government to solve consitutional crisis. Recent development in Poland and how they affect EU fundamental rights were debated in plenary on 13 September. While some MEPs criticised Polish authorities for reforms affecting the country’s constitutional tribunal, others called on the EU to respect the decisions by Poland’s government. On Wednesday 14 September, MEPs adopted a resolution urging the Polish government “to solve the country’s constitutional crisis and find a compromise” in line with European Commission recommendations.

Besides the constitutional crisis, Parliament is also concerned about “the recent rapid legislative developments” in other areas in relation, in particular, to:

  • independence and impartiality of public service media,
  • right to freedom of expression,
  • right to privacy,
  • procedural rights as well as the fundamental right to a fair trial,
  • political impartiality of the country’s administration, and
  • fundamental human rights, including women rights.

The resolution was passed by 510 votes to 160 with 29 abstentions.