Debate on Cybersecurity

I had the pleasure of driving today’s debate. It was dedicated to cybersecurity issues relating to the European Digital Single Market DSM and the challenges associated with the introduction of the mobile ID systems. Special guests were Sir Julian King, Commissioner for union safety and Roberto Viola, Director General of DG CONNECT.

In the framework of the Digital Single Market strategy, cybersecurity is more than ever at the forefront of the European debate.The European Union will have to find trade-offs between competing demands such as a high degree of security versus user convenience when addressing cybersecurity in EU sectorial policies. This includes migration and home affairs (security of eID documents), payment services (PSDII), eGovernment (eGovernment action plan 2016-2020).

In the light of the review of the 2002 ePrivacy Directive, the EU’s objective is to ensure consistency with the General Data Protection Regulation, while guaranting a fair market for all players.


Concrete cases will be used for the debate such as Mobile ID, speakers from EU institutions and from the private sector will share their expertise.