Content filtering rejected

We won! ️Let’s fight for a change in Art13, but let’s not destroy the entire directive! In terms of the directive, I voted exactly as I promised the Polish digital environment and many of my constituents who have turned to me recently. Thank you for your civic engagement.

Being aware of the importance of guaranteeing the rights of creators in the digital world, the Copyright Directive requires significant improvement. That is why we decided to vote against granting a negotiating mandate to the copyright directive in the single digital market in the current wording.

1. Regulations are too vague and may, through the obligation to apply content filters, lead to restrictions on the freedom of expression on the Internet. Filters will not always be able to capture the context (satire, mem) of a picture or video and can block content thrown by users “just in case”.

2. The potential costs of introducing filters can be large, which puts the risk on smaller enterprises.

That is why we want to look at this matter again at the plenary session in September and look for other ways to protect creativity on the Internet. Those who, by guaranteeing the rights of authors and publishers, will not limit their freedom on the Internet.