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We’re selecting the region’s most promising startups, leveraging technology to build disruptive solutions, addressing Europe’s most pressing challenges. Europe’s Top 50 innovators will be revealed at the European Parliament, during the European Innovation Summit

EU Top 50 start-ups

In spite of the small scale of the influx of foreigners, the topic of refugees was strongly present in the media and social networks. The heated debate has ceased to appeal to the facts and is full of hate speech, both in the real world (also public) and virtual. Migration Crisis: Where will we find hatred? Conference recap.

Migration crisis: Where will we find hatred?

I had the pleasure of working together with Lojze Peterle, Tunne Kelam and Jaromir Štětin to host the Dissidents, Ludwik Wujec, Henryk Wujec and Zbigniew Janas in the European Parliament.


5G is more than a mobile revolution. It will promote innovation, make profound changes across industries and it will allow the development of new business models and high-quality services. The 5G infrastructure will become a business, in which Europe needs to play a dominant role.

SME Circle has adopted my
Position Paper on 5G

Saturday, 25 March 2017, will mark the sixtieth anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome by 6 countries, which countries, in fact, started the history of the European Union. The history covering the period of those 60 years is the history of a dream about Europe bringing peace and guaranteeing development.

Essay about Europe
dreams, needs, possibilities

Mobile World Congress is the largest and the world’s best event of the mobile industry, consisting of huge exhibitions, conferences, presentations of digital technology.

Mobile World Congress Barcelona

It is fascinating. How skillfully Wrocław – a city of new ideas, innovation and wise economic development – in 2016 became a real
European Capital of Culture.

Culture and human rights

Europe does not only mean opportunities of a single market.
It means common foundations. It means a duty to uphold the stability of those foundations.

The Mechanism of Democracy

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LIBE delegation in Japan

In the last days, a visit of the LIBE delegation to Japan with Barbara Kudrycka, Nathalie Griesbeck, Jan Philipp Albrecht, (more…)

Cheaper phone calls to other EU countries

  • Better access to telephone and internet networks
  • A step closer to 5G
  • Lower intra-EU fees for fixed and mobile calls
  • (more…)

Free Wi Fi and Space strategy for Europe

The Committee on Industry, Research and Energy has adopted a regulation to promote free Wi-Fi in public spaces, libraries (more…)

Bringing legal highs of law

The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (#LIBE) has approved my report on new substances. A package of (more…)

Online platforms and DSM on ITRE

At today’s meeting of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, we have adopted a report on online platforms and the (more…)

MEPs and Council negotiators agree to waive EU visa requirement for Ukrainians

Ukrainian citizens will be able to travel to the EU visa free under an informal deal struck by Parliament and Council negotiators (more…)

Presentation of the report of the 5G

At a meeting of the ITRE Committee hosted a presentation of the report on the Action Plan for the development of #UE # 5G (more…)

Economy based on data and knowledge

Today, during a meeting of the LIBE Committee voted by my opinion on. The initiatives of the European Commission concerning. (more…)

End of roaming charges!

End of roaming charges!

ITRE adopted a report proposing a reduction in the price of wholesale roaming agreements, rejecting (more…)

Voting: Robotics & NPS

At today’s meeting of the LIBE committee held a successful vote on the reports, which I am rapporteur.

The vote on the (more…)

Use of the 470-790 MHz frequency band

Voting on Use of the 470-790 MHz frequency band in the Union: with my amendments.

  • Member States need to adopt detailed (more…)

Fair use of roaming services

Draft “fair use” safeguards to prevent mobile phone users from taking unfair advantage of EU rules on “roaming” charges were (more…)

Plans to waive visa requirements for Ukrainians

Plans to waive visa requirements for Ukrainian citizens entering the Schengen area were approved by the Civil Liberties (more…)

Candidate Commissioner for the Security Union

Civil Liberties Committee MEPs will quiz UK candidate Commissioner for the Security Union Sir Julian King in Strasbourg on (more…)

MEPs back visa waivers for Kosovo and Georgia

Plans to grant citizens of Kosovo and Georgia the right to travel to the Schengen area without a visa were backed by Civil (more…)

Slovak Presidency priorities discussed

The priorities of the Slovak Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers are being outlined to parliamentary committees by (more…)

Upgrading EU energy efficiency labelling

A clear A to G scale for labelling the energy efficiency of household appliances should replace the proliferating pluses (more…)