Comments about E-declaration for Ukrinform

Member of the European Parliament Michal Boni considers that e-declaration system in Ukraine is the great achievement of Ukrainian government.

Polish politician expressed such opinion in a comment to Ukrinform’s correspondent in Brussels.

“I consider e-declaration as a very powerful tool in transparent reporting by the government officials and the businesses. Its main idea is to trust, while giving the right to complete it, and to control, allowing the bodies, responsible, to check. I understand the frustration of Ukrainians,” the MEP said.

At the same time, Boni has emphasized that it is not necessary to speculate about the electronic declaration system, which is a tool to fight corruption, not to evaluate the wealth of officials and politicians.

“Corruption is the main problem of Ukraine, poisoning economy, not allowing small and medium businesses to grow, to attrack international investments and make the country working properly. Nobody wants to invest, when they are not sure, where the money will go to. In the fight with corruption the most important is what is changing in the declarations year by year, based on the justified evident. So far, I think, the primary function of e-declaration has been completed properly,” Polish politician said.

“And I would like to congratulate the current government to break the old system. I remember all the discussions about zero-declaration, which means that it is necessary to have a starting point in order to evaluate the development. It has been made. We also had difficult, poor periods in the history of Poland, but only strength and willing to change for better made us determinant and successful. I am sure Ukraine is changing for better…” Michal Boni summed up.