Civic Platform’s new economic program

Today a press conference took place in the Sejm of the Republic of Poland. The new economic program of the Civic Platform will be based on the freedom to undertake entrepreneurship.

1 st October – the party conference of the Civic Platform in Gdańsk and round up of a series of regional conferences #‎PolskaObywatelska 2.0 Autumn is going to be an intensive time! – “We want our program to respond to the expectations of the citizens. We want a country which is predictable, in which the government works with the local governments and the policies are introduced responsibly”, said the party’s chairperson @Grzegorz Schetyna at today’s press conference. – “It is in Gdańsk that Polish freedom and the Solidarność movement started, the Civic Platform was also founded in Gdańsk. It is also here that the new Platform will start”, added Sławomir Neumann.