An exhibition Dissidents

An exhibition of photographs from those EU Member States that were in the East Bloc until 1989 and took part in the transformation of the political system and peaceful revolution. Dissidents exhibit received the honorary patronage of the European Parliament. I organized this event jointly with Lojze Peterle, Tunne Kelam MEP i Jaromír Štětina.

The first: FREEDOM !

How significant is the FREEDOM? For all of us, now. For some of us – many years ago under communism time in our countries, in the Central and Eastern Europe. It was clear that we had no possibility to live in the independent society and sovereign state. The shade of Yalta established shades in our lives as residents of our countries.  But for some of us – the need of freedom,  the dream of freedom, the freedom –  as a moral, cultural, political destination and as a hope – was indispensable.

This exhibition pictures this phenomenon – people, who decided to diffuse the spirit of freedom among others. They bravely decided to break rules, they became the dissidents.

FREEDOM is a fundamental value.

For the democracy.

For the full respect of the rule of law.

For the democratic order in the civic society.

For the independent media.

Always! It was then, it is now, it will be in the future.

And the second key word: REMEMBRANCE !

Remembrance is significant, because it creates an understanding between generations and the identity of the society. When we remember about the true heroes of the Past  – we build the bridge between the Past, the Presence and the Future, keeping our identity.

But we do not only need the Remembrance. We need the freedom of the remembrance. It is extremely important especially in the world of the post-truth rules.

My Friends from Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovenia: in this post-truth world you are not only the real witnesses of the History, you are the Guardians of the Remembrance.  And you are the Guardians of the Freedom!

Yesterday’s dissidents are today’s guardians of the FREEDOM and REMEMBRANCE!

FREEDOM and REMEMBRANCE!  I dedicate these to Alois Peterle, Tune Kelam, Jaromir Stetina, Henryk and Ludka Wujec, and Zbyszek Janas.

Thank you!

26th, September, 2017